Coffee maker Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Silver EM5300S

Skip the café queue and discover the convenience of the Sunbeam Barista Max. With an integrated grinder, it's a great machine for those who are short on table space.

There are 30 grind settings to comfortably cater for all tastes. Thanks to the Subeam Tap & Go mechanism, you can grind directly into the filter basket with one touch. The three-way Temp IQ Shot Control system combines a thermoblock with pre-grind and advanced PID control. Essentially, this means you achieve a consistent temperature, use only the water needed for your shot, and release the full spectrum of flavors from your beans. The 58mm diameter group head is inspired by commercial coffee machines and allows for a more even distribution of your coffee grounds in the filter basket. Use the powerful steam wand to create latte art sensations for lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos.

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