Vacuum cleaner Bosch BCH6ZOOAU Athlet Zoo'o ProAnimal

The Bosch Athlet Zoo'o Pro Animal vacuum cleaner with convenient cordless handheld vacuum makes it easy to remove pet hair from your home. It can run for up to 60 minutes on a single six-hour charge, so you can comfortably tackle a circuit around the home. The built-in intelligent sensor continuously monitors airflow throughout the vacuum for exceptional suction performance. This is aided by the SmartSensor Control light display, which indicates when the filter needs to be cleaned and detects when power is reduced.

Combined with the AllFloor HighPower Motorised Brush Rollers, it makes removing pet hair easy. For stubborn loose hair, the turbo power mode can be activated to easily clean carpets. And thanks to the cordless nature of this Bosch vacuum, you can even use it inside the car after traveling with pets. And when you're done cleaning, the 0.9-litre dust container can be emptied with minimal hassle.

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