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Precise control for perfect taste thanks to Thermo Block technology

Thermo Block technology gives you precise temperature control and a fast cooking process. The result is coffee that tastes great, every time.

Discover more brewing options with the filter set

The filter set will expand your brewing options. It includes a 2-in-1 filter and a filter insert compatible with E.S.E. capsules. Perfect for easily adjusting the intensity or customising the machine to your perfect cup.

Auto-Shot Volume Control for your perfect espresso

With Auto-Shot Volume Control, you can adjust the amount of each espresso shot to fit seamlessly into a given cup or glass. Maximum precision control at the touch of a button.

Cleaning is easy thanks to the removable drip tray

Cleaning up after brewing the perfect espresso is incredibly easy thanks to the removable drip tray. Once the bowl is removed, the machine can hold cups up to 12 cm high.

Get the perfect barista-style drink thanks to the full-size milk frother.

Enjoy a perfect barista-style coffee thanks to the standard-size milk frother. It intensively steams milk to create a velvety, fine-pored froth that is ideal for cappuccinos and other drinks.

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