Toaster Explore 7

Always precisely prepared toast thanks to 7 modes

The Explore 7 toaster has the perfect settings for every type of toast. Choose from seven different toasting modes: lower power for soft pastries such as brioche and higher power for denser pastries such as ciabatta. Exactly to your taste.

Defrost or reheat at the touch of a button

Bring back the flavour of already toasted toast by reheating. The program gently and thoroughly reheats the bread without toasting it again. When you take the bread out of the freezer, it will be ready to eat quickly thanks to the defrost function.

Accessories: warming holder and dust cover

For even heating of larger pieces of bread or rolls, you can use the holder, which can be easily placed on top of the toaster. The plastic cover protects the inside of the toaster from dust when not in use.

Precise results thanks to the quick check function

Thanks to the quick check function, you can easily see if your toast is over or underdone. The lever system allows you to look at the toast without disturbing the cycle. Achieve great results every time without guesswork.

Easy cleaning with crumb tray

The built-in bowl is designed to catch every crumb. It slides out and empties easily, so there's no need to turn the toaster upside down to clean it.

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