Table mixer Create 3

Perfect blending with TruFlow® blades

The quadruple stainless steel TruFlow® blades are designed to create a powerful swirling effect that perfects blending and brings out the best in your food.

500 W motor

The powerful motor makes blending delicate recipes, solid foods and crushing ice easy - resulting in smooth and delicious blends.

Multiple speeds and pulse function

With a choice of two adjustable speeds and a pulse function, you can choose the ideal power to make the most of each recipe's potential. You'll have fun blending and you'll be able to rely on the results.

Generous 1.5 litre capacity

With this generous 1.5 litre glass container, you can blend delicious healthy smoothies and desserts for the whole family or prepare a larger batch to freeze and enjoy later.

Easy to wash in the dishwasher

The container and stainless steel blades are dishwasher safe. The blades can also be easily removed, which makes cleaning much easier and saves you time.

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